July 10th  |  10am - 12 noon

Zoom Virtual Rooms

Who Should Participate?

Any sized UX Team who would like to showcase what you bring to the Charlotte community and attract strong UX talent for your current or future roles.



Midsize and Large Companies

101 - 999

Small and Startups


What You Need To Do

  1. Have one or more person(s) represent your awesome company and UX team

  2. Prepare 10-15 min spill about your company and your UX team​

  • who you are

  • what you do

  • what makes your team unique

  • describe your culture and opportunites

  • what UX roles are available now or in the future

  • etc.

   3. Spend some time getting to know the UXers 

Who will Attend

UX Content Strategist. UX Designers. UX Researchers. UX Strategists. UI/Visual Designers. UX Unicorns

and everyone in between 

What's the Investment?

Your participation helps us provide scholarships, career coaching, free access to paid events and serve the underemployed, unemployed, and students,

Enterprise Companies $1000

  • Buy-in to Career Expo

  • FusionConf sponsor

  • 5 job postings on our IXDA Charlotte website

  • 5 job postings on IXDA Charlotte social media platform

  • 5 FusionConf tickets

Midsize and Large Companies $500

  • Buy-in to Career Expo

  • FusionConf sponsor

  • 2 job postings on our IXDA Charlotte website

  • 2 FusionConf tickets

Small Company and Startup $99

  • Buy-in to Career Expo

  • FusionConf sponsor

  • 1 job posting on website

  • 1 FusionConf tickets

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