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We listed the most important aspects that creative talent considers when choosing their next opportunity on an Experience Design team. Our goal is to simplify the process of navigating employers and bring transparency to design community.


UX Maturity

Neilsen Norman describes Corporate UX Maturity as an organization's progression through a sequence of stages as their UX processes evolve and mature. The sequence is fairly universal and can be matched to the following descriptions.


As your organization's UX approach matures, it'll typically progress through the same sequence of stages, from initial hostility to widespread reliance on user research.

Stage 1: Hostility Toward Usability

Stage 2: Developer-Centered User Experience

Stage 3: Skunkworks User Experience

Stage 4: Dedicated UX Budget

Stage 5: Managed Usability

Stage 6: Systematic User-Centered Design (UCD) Process

Stage 7: Integrated User-Centered Design

Stage 8: User-Driven Corporation

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Company Culture

Companies with great cultures create work environments that are run by teams unified by purpose, mission, and values. A great culture is important because will not only influence your product, processes and user experiences, but also the team's happiness.

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Learning Opportunities

Learning opportunities include:

  • Conferences

  • Role-specific certifications

  • Role-specific corporate learning program

  • Mentorship 

  • Online subscriptions (ie. lynda.com, etc.)

  • Tuition reimbursement

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Diversity & Inclusion

We define diversity as inclusive cultures for people of varying ethnicities, genders, orientations, ages, abilities, years of experience and life experiences.


Diverse and inclusive cultures provide companies with a competitive edge over their peers.

In addition to diversity numbers, the ranking is based on surveys of current and former employees, who rated the level of camaraderie they experience at work, the effectiveness of their leaders, and other factors that inspire trust in an employer.

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Diversity in Leadership

We define diversity as inclusive cultures for people of varying ethnicities, genders, orientations, ages, abilities, years of experience and life experiences.

According to a McKinsey study, there is a statistically significant relationship between a diverse leadership team and better financial performance. Diversity in leaderships allows companies to be better connected to their customers and other companies

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Every team has its challenges. Understanding those challenges helps potential talent determine is the team is a good fit. It also helps leadership determine what roles are needs and find the right the person for the role.

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UX Teams are often distributed teams which may require travel.

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Pay Comparison

Competitive salaries in the digital field are trending positively. Factors such as high demand for talent, Charlotte becoming more of a tech and financial capital, and companies realizing that digital experiences are key differentiators among competitors are all driving salary increases and creative compensation packages. 


The Creative Group takes the guesswork out of salaries — discover pay ranges for careers you’re pursuing or a position you need to staff with the Salary Calculator.



Each UX Team finds talent differently.

How talent is procured is the first step a potential candidates experience. Often this process can be confusing and tedious. Knowing how to connect with an organization becomes all the more important.

There are a couple of ways to bring on talent: direct hire and through a talent agency.

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